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History of Arabic Department

Establishment of Ismail Yusuf college in 1930 in Andheri/Jogeshwari,favoured the fortune of the suburbs of Bombay,that obviously synchronized with the dawn of the establishment of Arabic and Islamic-Studies in the very same year of 1930 for the promotion of Arabic and Islamic-Studies and Oriental studies. The first Principal Dr. Mohammad Bazl-ur-Rahman the eminent scholar of Arabic, Islamic -Studies and Persian elevated the destiny of the Department of Arabic by heading it.The department has been lucky to have such a great scholar whose work is on al Jahiz,one of the stalwarts of Arabic language and literature. This thesis was submitted at Cambridge University under the guidance of the world -renowned scholar Dr.E.G.Brown . Another great personality was of Dr.Dawood Pota (M.A.Bombay, PhD.Cantab)who accompanied him from the very beginning who edited Tarikhe-Masoomi (History of Sindh). However,in 1939 he left the college for another assignment. Another well-Known professor of Arabic in this department was Professor Husain Hamdani. Another prominent personality was of Mohammad Ibrahim Dar who joined the department in 1939 and irrigated it till 1953 when he breath his last. Meanwhile ,a promising  young man Sayyid Baqar Ali Trimidhi joined the department in the year 1945 and left for Cairo for higher studies in 1952 where he died young in the very same year. Another conspicuous personality was of Najeeb Ashraf Nadvi Professor of Urdu and Persian (who did his M.A with History) and who made a great contribution by working with Jadav Nath Sarkar on History of India related to the Mughal period. He taught Islamic -Studies. Another professor Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Qazi of Persia language taught Islamic -Studies. My two great Professors i.e. Professor Dawood A.Bargir and Professor Ahmed Bahauddin Dadarkar joined the Arabic department in 1952 one after another. Professor A.B.Dadarkar left in July 1967 in order to join the University. Another well known Professor Dr. B.M.Gai of Persian taught Islamic-Studies at the college. My other two Professor Mr.Mushtaq Ahmed and Abdul Majid joined the department in 1967& 1968 respectively. Professor Mushtaq Ahmed left in 1968 to join Maharashtra college Bombay. Professor Dawood Bargir left the college in 1970 on his retirement. Professor Dr. Muhammad Shafi Shaikh the recipient of President’s Medal, joined the department in 1970& continued till 1973. Mr. M.A.Nakhtare joined this college in 1973& retired in December 2005. Mrs Dr.Shahina Khan joined in 1991 and continues till date. Meanwhile Mr. Kafeel Ahmed,Miss Shaima Abedi, Miss Siddiqa ,Mr. Nooruddin Shaikh,Miss Shaikh Ghousiya, Shabnam Ara & Shaikh Shabana, joined the department for sometime on clock hour basis.

Thus the past was glorious on account of the very prominent personalities in the past and we expect to have a bright future.


  • Our ideals are to make students proficient in Arabic language and literature. They should be enabled to speak Arabic with ease and translate any language into Arabic as well as enable them to write research papers.
  • Achieving excellence in linguistic research and education.
  • To educate and train the students to be efficient, empathic and socially responsible individuals.


  • We make students memorize Arabic words as much as possible to make them proficient in language. Make small sentences out of them, make them love to read short stories in Arabic languages, give them opportunities to watch Arabic movies. Give them chance to talk to each other in Arabic for some time.
  • Providing innovative methods of language teaching and research, and developing the language skills of students.
  • Our Departments aims to a academically prepare a generation of graduates, holders of college degree in Arabic language and literature, able to participate in the enrichment of the intellectual, cultural and educational institutes.



Professional skill

we teach students Arabic to learn any language. No one can speak second language without listening to it.

Watch, listen, mock group discussion and speech in youtube.

By conducting just a minute teacher can build up confidence in students.

Not only by exposing them to the language but also they could speak, read and write the language correctly. Vocabulary words help any language learner communicate effectively.

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