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Political Science


The Department of Political Science focuses on the study of political theory, government systems, political behavior and public policies. The curriculum covers over a wide range of topics including comparative politics, international relations and public administrations, etc. Students  typically develop critical thinking, analytical writing and communication skills, which are valuable in various professions. A degree in Political Science can lead to diverse career paths including, government positions, journalism, law, academia, international organizations and the social development sector, etc. 


  • Creation of a dedicated human resource.
  • Development of ethical leadership.
  • Encourage students to have a multi-dimensional view.


  • Providing quality education to students in Political Science.
  • Acquaint students with Political Theory and its dynamic implementation.
  • Sensitizing students about Political Values like Liberty, Equality and Justice, etc.
  • Prepare Students for successful careers.


  • Foster a deeper understanding of political values.
  • Empower students with knowledge and skills to engage in informed political participation.
  • Assimilate Critical thinking and Logical reasoning

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