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The department of philosophy at Ismail Yusuf College endeavors to promote the students' awareness and understanding of the social needs of our state and country and prepare them for fulfilling such needs in a meaningful way. Our motto is to enrich the knowledge of the students of philosophy with special emphasis on spiritual, moral, and ethical values and to create a calm, peaceful, and noble atmosphere among the students so that they can enable themselves to be good moral citizens in the future. The department also proposes to promote the study of principles like national integration and a scientific approach to the problems of society.


The goal of philosophy as a discipline is to bring under critical review and Appraisal as much as possible of what is ordinarily taken for granted, assumed, or Presupposed about experience and the Knowledge.

The missions of the department of philosophy are:
1. Transformation of society through the spread of knowledge
2. Education of the youth and development of personalities
3. Acquisition of skills by learners
4. Creation of dedicated human resources.
5. To believe in equality and fraternity, to prepare to fight for economic and social justice, and to gather courage to fight against social evils.
6. To develop a philosophy of life, to be clear about the goal of life, and to identify a great cause that one would like to serve.
7. Help in nation building.
8. Provide knowledge about how to keep the nation clean.


                  Goals and Objective of the Department

· To help students develop as independent thinkers and lifelong learners

· Offer effective introductions to the discipline of philosophy,

·enhance students’ ability to enter imaginatively into rival viewpoints and diverse perspectives

·strengthen students’ development as responsible citizens of society.

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