Government of Maharashtra’s


of Arts, Science & Commerce


Performance Grading

The PERFORMANCE GRADING of the learners shall be on the SEVEN point ranking system as under :

Grade Marks Grade Points
O 70 & above 7
A 60 to 69.99 6
B 55 to 59.99 5
C 50 to 54.99 4
D 45 to 49.99 3
E 40 to 44.99 2
F (Fail) 39.99 & below 1

The performance grading shall be based on the aggregate performance of Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination.

Note :

  • The marks obtained by the student/s to be converted in to grade points and accordingly letter grade by the concerned teacher/s.
  • The total credit covers the core, elective, field work or extension activities, soft skills etc.
  • GPA is calculated at the end of each term after grades are processed and after any grade is upgraded or changed. Same criteria is to be followed for Internal assessment/quiz /test/tutorial/practical project /seminar etc